How to Replace and Install Wiper Blades

Save some money and do it yourself.   You can find the size of your wiper blades by going here:

Once you have determined the size and type you need, head on over to any auto part store (or even better yet, go to your local Costco for a quality wiper at a good price).

How to change wiper blades after you purchased the replacements?  It is very easy but you have to know exactly how to remove it.  Below is an quick video on how to replace and install new wiper blades on a J-hook arm.

Here is another little tip from an auto geek, we highly recommend applying Rain-X Glass Treatment to all your windows.   You an purchase it at Walmart and most stores. Simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the raindrops fly off your windshield while driving. Rain‑X helps improve visibility by repelling rain.   With the Southern Florida wet weather, you will thank us for recommending this.   Please give it a try and let us know.

Of course, if you want to bring your car in for servicing, we will gladly replace the wiper blades for you.  Give us a call at 954-527-0942 to set up an appointment or just drop by if you are in the Fort Lauderdale area.


Porsche 911 Twin Turbo

Porsche 911 Twin Turbo

Porsche 911 Twin Turbo had ABS issues. Two other shops charged a lot of money and could not figure out problem. One of our customers recommended us . Customer brought in car. Our master tech diagnosed the problem. The issue was with the wiring harness to abs module. Remove all necessary components to replace harness. Reset computer, problem solved, happy customer!

Porsche 911 twin turbo auto

Porsche 911 twin turbo 2002

How to Remove and Install a Car Battery

How to Replace Battery

Here are some easy instructions on how to replace and install your car battery.  What you will need — an adjustable wrench, a couple of clean lint-free rags, a pair of disposable latex gloves, some water and baking soda, a battery brush, auto grease, and an inexpensive pair of safety goggles — and then follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your engine.  Make sure that your vehicle is in Park, with the engine shut off and the parking brake on.  Good idea to remove the keys from the ignition too.
  2. Open the hood and place a blanket or pad over the fender.This protects your car from corrosive battery acid.
  3. Remove the cables from the battery terminals. Look in your owner’s manual to see whether your vehicle has negative ground (most do). If it does, use an adjustable wrench to first loosen the nut and bolt on the clamp that holds the battery cable on the negative terminal. (That’s the post with the little “–” or “NEG” on it.) If your vehicle has positive ground, loosen the cable with “+” or “POS” on it first. Remove the cable from the post and lay it out of your way. Then remove the other cable from its post and lay that aside.If you have trouble loosening the bolt, grab it with one wrench and the nut with another, and move the wrenches in opposite directions. In this case, you don’t want to remove the bolts; just loosen them enough to release the cable clamps.
  4. Remove whatever devices are holding the battery in place.  When you’re removing a bolt or screw, after you’ve loosened it with a tool, turn it the last few turns by hand so that you have a firm grip on it when it comes loose and it doesn’t drop and roll into obscurity.
  5. Remove the battery.  When the battery is free, lift it out of its seat and place it out of your way.
  6. If the tray on which the battery was standing is rusty or has deposits on it, clean it with a little baking soda dissolved in water.  Wear your gloves because the battery stuff is corrosive, and be sure the battery tray is completely dry before taking the next step!
  7. Where do you buy a new car battery?  Costco is a great place to find a decent quality car battery.  Place the new battery on the tray.  Make sure it is facing in the same direction as the old one was.
  8. Replace the devices that held the old battery in place. Try to wiggle the battery to make sure it’s completely secure.
  9. Replace the battery cables on the terminals in reverse order from which you removed them.  Apply some grease to the connectors because it will help prevent future corrosion by displacing the air in the surrounding space. If your vehicle has negative ground, the positive cable goes back first. Make certain that the clamps holding the cables on the battery terminals are gripping the posts tightly.
  10. Take the old battery to a recycling center that accepts batteries. Batteries are filled with a toxic, corrosive liquid and must be disposed of properly. What’s more, old batteries are usually rebuilt into new ones, so just throwing one in the trash is doubly bad for the environment.

If your battery dies and can’t be recharged or boosted and you’re stranded in a vehicle that you can’t drive in for service, please feel to call our Mobile Battery Replacement Service.  Give us a call at 954-527-0942.    

Our service offers you only premium batteries delivered directly to you anywhere in the city of Fort Lauderdale. Whether at work or home we will bring to you a battery specifically for your year and make of vehicle.  All repairs are guaranteed.

mobile car battery service Fort Lauderdale

Mobile Battery Services and Replacement in Fort Lauderdale

car-batteryWhen your car doesn’t start up, a boost will often help you get to your next destination; but it does not fix the real problem. When this happens to you, Southport Auto Mobile Battery Service will deliver and install a heavy-duty or premium battery that is right for your vehicle. If the battery does not need to be replaced we will not replace it.

Our Mobile Service includes battery service, test and cleaning, charging system test and block heater check.

Our service offers you only premium batteries delivered directly to you anywhere in the city of Fort Lauderdale. Whether at work or home we will bring to you a battery specifically for your year and make of vehicle.  All repairs are guaranteed.

Call: 954-527-0942 for a service call.


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